InfoGrafs offers matching mobile and standard websites in up-to-the minute styles at surprisingly sensible prices.

Why so sensible? Many of our customers are charities, churches or small businesses and so we understand budget limitations. We believe it should be possible to have cutting edge design for a reasonable price.

Like it or not the product or services you offer will be judged first by the design and presentation of your website. If it looks old fashioned or boring – that’s the impression your visitors will form about you. If they don’t like what they see they probably won’t even stay to see the content – they’ll be off to visit a competitor! Content maybe king – but design and presentation are the supreme rulers!

Our function is to produce a style that matches your business or organisation’s ‘personality’ and make you a website you will be proud of.


  • InfoGrafs is a family based company that has recently relocated to Fort William – we are happy to visit for a free consultation anywhere in the Lochaber region
  • Your website will be responsive – it will work on a tablet,  desktop PC or a smart phone
  • Whilst the design will be following the current trends it will be uniquely designed for you
  • If you want to pay a little extra you can follow the latest trend and have a one-page parallax website just like this one
  • You will be able to login to your website admin desk to edit and update any part of your website instantly
  • Your website can be as simple or as complex as you need – items such as your Google map location and Clink-to-Call are provided free – others such as Events Calendars and Shopping Carts can be added as required

Your website will display correctly from wide-screen to mobile and on any platform

Mobile Optimisation

Now it is more crucial than ever that your web presence is mobile optimised. If a mobile user gets a bad experience when they visit your website, 61% are unlikely to return to that site, and 40% will go to a competitor’s site. (Source: Gomez).

Things that make a bad experience:

♦  Tiny text putting strain on the eyes ♦ Tiny menu buttons/big fingers – bad combination! ♦ Forever pinching and zooming ♦ Scrolling around wildly to find what you’re looking for ♦ Site taking ages to load ♦ Images not displaying properly ♦ You’ve finally found the phone number – now you need to find a pen to write it down!

Most websites are built to be looked at (but not touched) on a large screen: a desktop monitor or laptop. Yet the majority of people looking at websites are using touch mobile devices such as tablets or smart phones. There’s no two ways about it: your website needs to be geared to this new use of technology.

Why Go Mobile?

Have you noticed the world’s population increasingly staring into their phone?  No – it’s not just your imagination!

It’s reckoned there will be one mobile device for every person on the planet by the end of 2015 (Source: Cisco)

And what’s more, by the end of this year it is estimated that more people will use a mobile device to get online than they will a desktop or laptop computer. (Source: Gartner)

Better for Business

It’s not all just about pleasing the users. It makes good business sense to have a mobile optimised web solution. A study conducted by Google in conjunction with Ipsos found the following:

One in three mobile searches are for local businesses and services.

95% of mobile users look up local information.

And after browsing a local business site:

  • 61% of users call a business
  • 59% of users visit a business
  • 44% of users make a purchase
  • 88% of local information seekers take action within one day

Customers are the lifeblood of any business. You need to do what you can to find new ones and keep old ones coming back. Your website is normally one of your key marketing tools and so if your site isn’t displaying well on a mobile device and isn’t mobile-user friendly, it’s missing the mark with a huge potential customer base.

Responsive Design

A responsive website is one that displays differently depending on what device the user is using. So the user sees a ‘normal looking’ website when they’re on the laptop or PC, but the website then magically resizes itself and becomes more mobile friendly when they’re on a smart phone. The site should work well on all devices from wide screen through to tablets and mobile – albeit it will look and behave differently as it changes size; often some heavy weight items are designed to only appear on larger screens.

In April 2015 Google decreed that websites without a mobile friendly version would no longer rank on their search engine, and that responsive sites will rank more highly than those with separate mobile sites. As a result of this we now make all of our websites responsive and mobile friendly as a matter of course.

However, we know that for some businesses just a mobile site is sufficient so we are quite happy to provide stand-alone mobile websites.

Custom Appearance
Custom Appearance
Your website will be designed to look the way you want it to - not just another 'template' website
Responsive Design
Your website will work on virtually any device from a smart phone up to a TV screen
Let your customers find their way to you using personalised Google maps
Click to Call
Don't loose one potential customer/client by making them copy numbers - one click and they're talking directly to you or leaving a message!
Have you own QR code
Quick Response codes are everywhere now - use them on products and publicity material. We will provide you a code that links to your website.
Social Media
We provide links to all Social Networks sites
Categorize and display your products/services
Show working hours and contact times
All our website are made compliant with all the major search engines including Google
Online Shop
Do you want to sell physical or digital goods through your website? We can make a beautiful on-line shop for you
(Content Management System)
We supply you with a secure login code so that you can update your website when and how you want to
Video / Audio / Photos
Showcase you photos, videos, artwork and audio products directly in the website or link to online resoources
If you have amazing photos or art work to show off - we have amazing portfolio settings to display them in
Team Profiles
Show the human side of you organisation and make sure visitors connect directly with the right person
From simple contact forms to complex forms for data collection and ordering
Event Booking
Allow your visitors to sign-up for events and even book tickets
Up-to-date Menus
Display your menu and prices so visitors know what you have special offers Use a secure to login to up-date content as required
This website is full-width, responsive, one-page and has parallax (non-scrolling) background images. We specialise in this kind of design. It's more expensive but so cool!
If there's something you would like that we haven't mentioned then just ask! T:07445 863641
3rd Party
Most 3rd party items - booking and reservation programs, calendars, appointment makers etc can be incorporated on your website
We can adapt your current logo and styling or help you start afresh
Do I own my website - does it become my property?
Yes, it does! Once InfoGrafs has designed your website and payment is complete we pass ownership over to you. We can then upload it to whatever Internet Service Provider you have a contract with. Alternately, we can host it for you from £50 a year.
Can I change my website content regularly?
What happens if I want to make changes to the content on my website? We would prefer to set up areas on your website which you can log into with a secure password and make changes to text and graphics as you require – this means you are in control and we don’t need to be involved unless you need some major changes. We can make changes for you but it would incur a small fee each time.
I need to completely change the look of my company
We can help your company/organisation by simply updating your website through to assisting you in a complete re-branding
What if I already have a domain name and hosting?
That’s fine, when the site is ready, provide us with your log-in codes and we will upload the new site for you.
How do I pay - can I pay monthly?
In the early stages of the project you will be given a link to a temporary website to see the work in progress. When you are satisfied that your website is ready for publication, you will receive an electronic invoice which you can pay by cheque or by PayPal. Your website will then be uploaded to your domain and become live.
What can I have on my website - what will it look like?
Any or all of the features above and more – if you need something that’s not mentioned then do ask!
The style can follow your design or instructions or you can leave the design to us – it will be unique and made to match your existing logo etc. Then again, you can have a complete makeover!
Choose your plan or go à la carte
  • Monthly Payments
  • Pages
  • Free Consultation Visit*
  • Title - Tag Line - Logo
  • Social Networking Links
  • Google Map
  • Photo/Video Gallery
  • Forms
  • Embedded Google Calendar
  • Purchase of New Domain Name
  • Transfer Existing Domain Name
  • Secure Server Website Hosting
  • Self Editing of Website
  • Mobile Website
  • or £10 monthly x 20 months*
  • 1 Scrolling Page
  • or £36 monthly x 12 months*
  • 5 Pages
  • 1
  • 1
  • Simple Contact Form
  • +£30*
  • +£25*
  • Up to 10 Pages
  • 2
  • Multiple locations on map
  • 2
  • Complex Form
  • Up to 20 Pages
  • 2
  • Multiple locations on map
  • 3
  • Complex Form

Sample Website


Sample Website


Sample Website


Sample Website


Sample Website

À La Carte

Sample Website


Sample Website

InfoGrafs offers
content slider
with timed layers captions
Clown Fish
Clown Fish
Blue Sergeonfish
Blue Sergeonfish
Yellow Tang
Yellow Tang
the famous
parallax effect
optional auto-play
with auto-pause slideshow
we can add any video - full-sized or windowed
click to play
we can use your photos or professional stock images
. . . to create a spectacular panoramic slideshow!

. . . with the visual approach you can't loose!

display your products or services

locations and destinations
product or instructional videos
works in all major browsers
responsive across all devices
SEO friendly
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